I’ve found the best way to do this, is to find a similar garment that you already own and is a good fit for you. (In this case a t-shirt) Lay it out, then measure from the back of the collar to the bottom hem, that’ll be the LENGHT of the shirt. Then measure underneath the arms of the t-shirt, from left to right, that’ll be your WIDTH. Now you have your measurements just look for the YOMP NOTES t-shirt size from the SIZE GUIDE below that is closest to your measurements, simple. 

yomp notes shop site tee shirt sizes guide

YOMP NOTES STORE is a custom service, each item is printed to order (Print on demand) so you should allow at least 14 days for shipping, world wide. If you think your order is taking too long email me at and I’ll kick some ass and get it sorted.

Given you’re now an expert in choosing the size for your garment, it’s doubtful that you’ll need to return it cos it’s the wrong size and given that the printing processes are state of the art and quality checked right through the process, I think you’re going to be very happy with your order. But it’s important to me that you’re happy so if you have any issue with anything at all, email me at tell me what’s wrong and I’ll take it from there.

I’m sure I’ll set up a better system in the future but for now, the best way to exchange your item is to send it back for a refund, then re-order a new item. I think it’s fair that this might take a few days, as I’d like to see you’re returned item before a refund is issued.

Integrity and reputation are very, very important to me not just in business but also in life.

At my wedding my best-man complained, at the beginning of his speech, that he didn’t have much to say about me, because I rarely fucked-up or do anything stupid. Boring for a best-mans speech and maybe I’m never going to be a millionaire being such a Boy Scott but, if I say I’m going to do something it gets done.

I have to remind myself that even a little business like this, there are still many moving parts that can break: From adverse weather conditions that delay shipments, to a faulty sat-nav, power outages and postal / shipping strikes. There're a 1001 things that can go wrong and yet, most of the time everything runs smoothly but if that's not the case, that’s when a good company doesn’t just do what it should, it does everything it can for you the customer.

Nothing will go wrong and everyone will be happy but if something does go pop, I’m a man of my word and will do whatever it takes to get everything sorted for you.

Thank you for listening.

Neil aka (YOMP NOTES)